Monday, September 5, 2011

Looking into Teaching!

    I have actually desired to teach caricature for quite a while. Even though I am still growing and improving and expanding my own skills, I love the thought of passing on to others any knowledge I have gained. I love art, people, and the idea of teaching, and would do it for free! But as a single dad, I need to use my skills to support my family; you know, pay the bills! Of course I still am trying to learn how to build my live event gig business so that is more consistant, and I would like to break into illustrative caricature for magazines and publications. I also wouldn't mind selling fine art caricature like the great Sebastian Kruger one day! But alas, I need immediate income!
    Well, I have been contacted by an artist in South Africa who is willing to pay me to teach her. There are a couple of others who have also expressed interest. So it is time for me to get going with this. I am researching and working on the best way for me to teach online or through email. I also need a good price point for my services that is affordable, but also worth my efforts. You will hear more as this developes.
   In the mean time, here are a few more photos from my work at the GA Aquarium. C&Cs welcome! By the way, even though I have a decent camera, many of my photos are a bit washed out which diminishes the vibrancy of the color. I'm still working on the ideal setting for my camera.  Grace to you all!


Pavel Jakubec said...

Beautiful works,
you have a great style !!!

Pavel Jakubec said...