Friday, March 27, 2015

Caricatures in Atlanta for childs Birthday Party!


Kids Birthday Party!

Look at these little angel faces Tony drew at a four year old birthday celebration. It never gets old watching kids enjoy caricatures. The parents are ALWAYS excited!! We know these are hanging on the walls at there home :)

I had a lot of fun drawing for this group. They all watched closely as I drew one kid after the other. They laughed and waited patiently for there turn. I always work quickly at kids parties because there patience is soo short. 3-4 minutes is plenty enough time to get a quality drawing in black and white. Here's a few from the party!!!

Boys are usually really quick UNLESS they have  "Justin Beiber" hair :) he had the hair and I had the time. Niceee


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Color at Gigs

As is the case with most event caricaturist, I typically draw in black and white at gigs, but sometimes I get to have some fun on color. They only take a minute or two extra, but really make an impact!