Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday card illustrations for 2014 have been a huge success this year!

Holiday caricature illustrations!

Brandon wanted something fun with his family. He told us that his 4 year old loved ballet and playing the guitar and the 11 month old loved to eat. While he and his wife were unbothered! We came up with the concept and they really loved it! He then ordered 14 gift illustrations for his company Holiday party on 12/06/14. That was a fun project to stay up all night and We got it finished in the nick of time. Thanks Brandon!

Caricature artist Tony Smith
Caricature artist Tony Smith done with photographs
  • From: Brandon 
  • Dec 4 at 8:32 AM
    Caricature gift for corporate company
    Caricature illustration for corporate holiday
     From: Barbara 

  • Dec 3 at 1:39 PM

    Corporate event 2014 on 12/05/14 in Carrolton, Ga.

    Kristen hired us for a corporate event for her company. She then called and asked if we could do a fun caricature of her and her husband with their dag. Their also expecting and she wanted a stroller incorporated in the caricature with their house. We cam up with this cool idea to deck out the house with holiday cheer and have a cool little special delivery stork for 2/2015 and they loved it! We recently did their company party and she left the sweetest review for us. Thanks Kristen!

    Artist caricature 4044498335
    Gift caricature by Tony Smith 2014
  • From: Kristen 
  • Nov 6,