Saturday, September 24, 2011

Growing the Biz!

Greetings all, and Grace to you! I am back to post a few more photos of live work. But I am really focusing on learning as much as I can about marketing and various ways to grow my  art business overall. I've mentioned this before, but I am trying to be more active and put more hours into it. Growing a business takes a lot of effort and tenasity, and up to now I have not put nearly enough energy into it as I should have. I have been waiting for opportunities to fall into my lap. The Lord does provide, most definately. He provided mana for Israel every morning when they were in the wilderness, but they had to get up, go out of their tents and gather it. I need to go out and make good use of my time and resourses, trusting in His guidance and provision. Anyway, here are some more photos.


Hanzz said...

Wonderful blog , just found it...!! I'll be back on a regular basis now !!

Anthony C. Smith said...

Thanks Hanzz! I will try to do better at publishing on a regular basis.