Saturday, June 18, 2011

Striving to improve

Well, as promised, I am trying to post more often. As I draw, I hope to sharpen and improve my skills. This may seem to be an obvious and unnecessary statement. After all, don't all caricaturist strive to improve their craft? Many, maybe even most do. But there are those who's skills and technique don't seem to change even after many years. They seem to have lost the joy of the art. It becomes just another way to make some money. But while I do not scoff at the money making aspect of drawing caricatures, I feel that if you are blessed to be able to do caricatures, you should always seek to take your art to new levels. This principal, of course, applies to any aspect of life. More on this later. Here are a few more pics from the GA Aquarium and a couple of corporate events.

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Pavel Jakubec said...

Looks great man,full of energy!