Thursday, April 9, 2009


Greetings one and all! I finally am back to posting and hope to stay fairly regular. I'm working on several pieces to build a portfolio of work. I'm trying to devote more time to creating and producing a variety of drawings. I'm even practicing some digital work, though it's only with a mouse and fairly old version of Photoshop (6.0). Money is tight to say the least. I hope to soon be able to purchase a Wacom of some sort. Also, of course, I NEED to up date my software. But anyway, here's a piece or two with more on the way. Crits and comments welcome!


William D.~ Politically Drawing said...

Hey Tony ~

Long time no see Buddy! I'm a former member of the NCN and I met you back in 2003. I took some 'time off' to get my Teaching Credentials and now I'm slowly 'getting back into the game'. I still have the caricature you illustrated of me back in '03 down in Orlando, FL. My fam and I are out West now and I have it hanging up in my class along side Roger Hurtado and Glenn Ferguson's work of me. Glad to see you're still at it!

~ WiLLiam D.

Anthony C. Smith said...

Hey! Great to here from you! I'm honored that you have MY work with those two great artists. Think you'll be going to the con this year? Probably too busy teaching...congratulations by the way!

jaggedsmile said...

Great stuff you have here. I especially like the Elvis. It takes talent to be able to do an exaggerated but still instantly recognizable caricature of a face, and it takes GREAT talent to be able to capture an entire body! You nailed it!

I'd like to see more of this type of full-body caricature work from you. I know it takes more time, but I think it would pay off for you in the long run. Do you have any more to show?

Niall O loughlin said...

Great work, love the level of exaggeration, but with strong drawing!

Anthony C. Smith said...

Thank's alot for the comments, guys. And thanks for the encouragement to do more body work. Actually, this was my first real attempt at body exaggeration, and I do want to do more.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Tony your digital stuff looks GREAT. Shoulda known that you would improve even MORE than the last time you posted, but PLEASE post more!!!!
I dont feel so bad now hearing that you use a MOUSE ALSO to do your digital stuff!!! LOL!!!
Court Jones once said that drawing digitally with a mouse was like drawing with a bar of soap, and yeah I guess he's right!

Angie Jordan said...

Great work! Love your Elvis!